FAQ – Travel Smart

Why should I buy SuperSmartTags?

SuperSmartTags could save you a lot of stress, time and money whilst looking great and protecting your privacy.
Most importantly, avoid the disappointment of arriving at your destination without your items such as luggage, carry-on-luggage or backpack.

Airlines place a white tag around my luggage at check-in, isn’t that good enough?

No! Paper tags are known to come off easily and they do nothing to make your luggage stand out at the carousel.
Suitcases often look the same, especially when going around on the carousel.

Travellers can easily take your luggage by mistake.
This is why it is wise to have a SuperSmartTag attached to your bags. The chances of someone taking your bags by mistake are thereby greatly reduced.

Do I need SuperSmartTags for my carry-on luggage or backpack?

Yes, absolutely!
Carry-on luggage and backpacks are not checked in. These items typically have no identification.

Travellers very often leave such items behind at terminals. Airport staff rarely have the means of getting such items back to their owner.
These items are then declared lost and sold off.

What are the chances of my luggage being lost?

The chances of your luggage being lost are in fact very high.
Statistics indicate that between 30-50 million pieces of luggage go missing each and every year around the World, of which 6-8 million are never recovered.

How exactly does SuperSmartTag work?

The way our tags work is very simple yet highly effective against loss. Every tag has it’s own unique ID code.
The first step is to register the code and add your contact details. This takes just a few seconds.

If your item such as a carry-on-luggage goes missing, airport staff can type in the code found on the back of your tag in the (Report Found Tag) field on our website.
They are presented with your contact details and can then get in touch with you and even forward your baggage to your destination.

What’s wrong with just attaching a traditional luggage tag to my bags?

Industry experts strongly advise against attaching and exposing your physical address to your luggage.
By doing so you are basically providing thieves with an open invitation.

If I buy a value pack of tags, can I use half of the tags and give the rest to my partner?

Yes you can. Each tag has it’s own unique code. Example: If you buy 6x tags you could have 6 different people using one tag each.

How long is my tag covered?

SuperSmartTags come with 12 Months global coverage from the date of registration.

What happens after coverage expires?

You will receive an email where you can optionally renew your coverage. Renewal costs as little as $3 per tag for an additional year’s coverage.

Do SuperSmartTags look good?

They sure do. Our Travel Smart Edition and themed tags, in particular, make your luggage look fantastic. There are currently 27 trendy designs to choose from.

Will SuperSmartTag damage my suitcase?

No! SuperSmartTags are specially made of soft silicone and pvc which will not damage your items.

How do I attach my SuperSmartTag to my luggage?

Very easily, it shouldn’t take more than just a few seconds. Simply feed the loop through the luggage handle or strap, and then feed the tag back through the loop. Travel Smart Edition tags include an adjustable metal loop with secure lock. That’s it.

Is it true that I can also add my itinerary?

Yes, the SuperSmartTag itinerary feature allows you to type in or simply copy and paste your itinerary into the itinerary field.
This is optional but it may speed up the process of getting your bags back to you. This feature is very popular among frequent travellers.

Are there any ongoing costs involved with SuperSmartTags?

No, there are no ongoing costs for the life of your tags unless you wish to renew which is just $5 per tag per year or less if you extend for 3 years in that case you only pay $3 per year so it is indeed very inexpensive.

Does SuperSmartTag sell many tags?

Yes we have sold over 1,250,000 tags since the company was founded 9.5 years ago and the number of sales are sharply on the rise.

Can I have my own company logo on SuperSmartTags?

Yes, please see our corporate branding page for more information.

Do you always have SuperSmartTags in stock?

Yes, we have thousands of tags in stock at our warehouse.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the World and guarantee same day shipping.
Shipping is a flat $10.00 and FREE Australia wide.