Have a lost luggage story to share? Or just wish to share your thoughts about our products? We’d love to hear from you and appreciate your comments.

My bag was recovered in just 5 hours thanks to your awesome luggage tags.
George Semics, Australia

Our backpack was lost at Singapore but in less than 24 hours we were reunited in London thanks to your itinerary system. Great product thanks for your speedy support!
Brian Sanchez, UK

I wouldn’t travel without them attached to my bags.
Helen Tan, Canada

I received my tags this morning they look very nice and sturdy!.
Registering was easy. Adding my itinerary was fast — just a few seconds. Awesome stuff.
Robert Ricov, Australia

Best investment we could have made!
Your smarttags look cooler in real life and really work. We lost a bag on route to Bogota and it was recovered the next day. The airline called us to say the bag was on it’s way to our hotel.
Yvonne Dearlove, USA

I came across your products at your Las Vegas convention stand where Gordon showed me how your tags work. I have been using your luggage tags ever since and absolutely love the itinerary system.
Jamie Patel, USA

Great customer support and really nice product.
Ben Joffe, USA

Excellent travel accessory.
No more missing belongings!
Sobana Sukumaran, Malaysia

I looked at many luggage tags in department stores but they all looked somehow cheap.
These really do have a nice finish and look fantastic I have them on my carry luggage and laptop bags and suitcases.
Gina Wu, Vietnam

Dear SuperSmartTag Team,
We thought we would never see our laptop again. We left it behind somewhere on the way from Munich to San Francisco. Then unexpected 2 days later it arrived at our hotel thanks to your superb itinerary invention!
Kurt Fischer, Germany

Absolutely love these! Also feel a lot safer knowing my personal info isn’t visible.
Bruce Ignatiou,  Australia

We lost our 4 year old daughters bag in Miami however, we got it back the next morning.
The bag was sent to our hotel thanks to your itinerary technology. Wonderful system!!
Aino Halko, Finland

My backpack was left behind at Lyon airport and I was so very upset. Then I got a call saying it had been found. The bag was identified via your smart ID. I got my backpack returned within just 12 hours. I love your itinerary feature. Thank you for your quick email responses.
Daniel Schwachtgen, Luxembourg

Great system! Your tags were given to me for Christmas. The gift worked out to be a life saver. Thank you so much for your itinerary system. If I didn’t have your tags my business trip would have been a disaster. My bag was lost in Frankfurt, Germany with all my presentation items inside. The bag was delivered to my hotel in Cologne the same day. Thank you so much!
Marijan Zabinski, Poland

Just wanted to thank you for a great recovery system. Our bag was lost on the way to Dallas and recovered the same day via your fantastic itinerary system. We use them on all trips now!
John Davis, USA

Thanks to your wonderful smart code my laptop was found and recovered in less than a day.
Everyone in our family use them.
Patricia Santos, USA