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Maria Gypz, From London wrote on TripAdvisor
Somebody took my luggage at the airport HELP!

Hi guys!
When I flew back to London with Ryanair 2 weeks ago, I took a luggage that wasn’t mine.

As soon as I realised (almost back in London) I went back to the airport to give it back and ask for mine. I returned this luggage, but no news from mine. The staff said there were no luggage left on the carousel and that the other person probably took mine by mistake too.
I filled a claim and they told me that the person might bring it back soon.

It has now been two weeks and I have no news from my luggage. What can I do? Has somebody already had a similar experience?

Is the airline still responsible for the luggage when they are on the carousel?
If this person really took my luggage, it is a mistake, but if you don’t bring it back, it is theft, isn’t it? Can we have the airline to look at the CCTV? Maybe if I go to the police?

Maria is one of thousands of travellers that experience this every week.

It happens all the time and not only to checked in suitcases but also with carry-on-luggage, and even backpacks.

People are focused on their flights, transfers and simply make mistakes very easily.

Even more common are items that get left behind at airport terminals and security checkpoints. Once it’s happened to you you’ll start kicking yourself for not taking a plan of action to avoid it from happening.

With today’s technology preventing lost luggage is quite easy and does not need to be an expensive investment either. While various companies offer GPS tracking for the prevention of lost bags they are in most cases quite expensive and also include expensive annual fees. Unfortunately, such electronic devices are often limited to certain areas and do not always work.

Statistics show that our very own Smart Code works perfectly in recovering lost bags in 98% of the time and typically within 4-12 hours.

There are two common types of travellers that lose their luggage. Holiday makers and business travellers.

While losing your items heading to a holiday resort is a nightmare losing important documents and materials for business travellers can be a disaster.

Just imagine travelling from LA to New York on a business trip and you arrive without your laptop or marketing materials. What do you do? The trip is ruined!

People generally decide to prevent something from bad happening to them after they get burnt.
This is usually due to high investment but with something as simple as a luggage tag which costs no more than $20.00 this is easily avoidable.

So if you’re planning a trip, and no matter if it’s business or pleasure get your items protected with a SuperSmartTag.

Should your bags go missing you’ll be so glad you did!

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