We all know that Germans make good things. If it’s German, you somehow trust it to be of good quality.

The Rimowa luggage brand is no exception.

This superior German luggage brand has been in business now for over 120 years and continues to deliver World class quality and innovation.

Today we look at the Rimowa Cabin Essential series.

It’s the World’s first ever polycarbonate suitcase, designed and engineered in Germany to provide the best in high-tech functionality. Strong, durable and lightweight, the RIMOWA Essential is the ultimate example of luggage innovation.


One glance at this carry-on and you know it’s not your average bag.
The robust design speaks volumes. Upon touching and opening up the bag you sense the vast amount of engineering that has gone into it.

Quality comes at a price. The Rimowa Cabin is no exception to this fact retailing from around $700.00. Yes it’s clearly not the cheapest carry-on-bag out there but…. “it could well be the best!”

While it’s price tag certainly won’t appeal to the vast majority of travellers it will appeal to those that love to travel in style and are willing to pay for the best.

Let’s just compare it to a Mercedes Benz. Get the picture?

While there are many good luggage brands available Rimowa is truly special.
The timeless design will never date and a bag of this quality could last a very long time.

Quality: Excellent!
Design: Excellent!
Value: Good!
Our Score: Excellent!

Oh, needless to say that you really would not want to lose a bag like this right?
So buy a Smart Luggage Tag if you do end up buying one!

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